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For Jake, teaching is one of the very most gratifying ways to share and connect with people through music. Whether it's private classical lessons for children and advancing violinists, teaching various Eastern European folk styles to musicians from all backgrounds, coaching ensembles, or giving masterclasses, his approach aims to help each individual develop their own creativity, musicality, and expressive voice. 


Jake rejects the conception of "technique" and "emotion" being separate elements of musicality, and instead believes that great music is made when a musician is able to connect their body's movements, their ears, and their emotions in a heightened consciousness. Incorporating elements of his extensive training in the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education, Alexander Technique, as well as using folk music and improvisation to develop the ear, Jake strives to get his students to play without tension, produce the most beautiful tone possible, and to gain a nuanced sense of phrasing and expressiveness.


"We feel so lucky to work with Jake. Not only is Jake an incredible virtuoso violinist, he's also an outstanding teacher. My daughter has worked with Jake for the past 2 years and truly looks forward to her lessons with him.


Jake's wonderful, warm approach to creativity and exploration in music has led to our daughter writing her own music. I think it's incredibly rare to find a violin teacher who embodies such wonderful characteristics of both outstanding musicianship & a gift for teaching. Since she began her lessons with Jake, we've watched our daughter develop her ear & love for music and we completely credit this to his teaching. 


One thing that makes Jake so special is his ability to form a sincere & deep connection to his students in which he develops a genuine rhythm with them, while at the same time following a disciplined program. We especially love Jake's approachable emphasis on technical precision, including teaching a mastery of bowing and scales from the beginning. Our daughter has grown to love music and is becoming more and more confident as a violinist the more she works with Jake."

- Lilly Kanso, Sofia's mother


Since 2004, Jake Shulman-Ment has taught private violin lessons for children and adults, workshops, and masterclasses all over the world. He specializes in teaching classical, klezmer, Romanian, Hungarian, Roma, and many other improvisatory styles.

He is available for private and group lessons at his home in Brooklyn and around New York City, as well as for workshops and coachings anywhere reasonably accessible to humans.

To contact Jake, please send an email to:

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